Coastal and Ocean Resources

Coastal Emergency Response

We advised the Incident Command System during the emergency response of the Kulluk grounding.

ShoreZone imagery was used with drift trajectory forecasts to assess the remote shorelines near Kodiak Alaska to estimate environmental impacts prior to the grounding of the Kulluk drill rig adrift in the Gulf of Alaska in late December 2012.

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We designed a cloud based decision support tool for the arctic coast of Alaska.

The north coast of Alaska is a challenging location for spill response, yet this region has concentrated industrial facilities and is at high risk for oil spills. The coast is also rapidly changing due to melting, subsidence, and inundation of permafrost. The online decision support tool developed for this area has more than 16,000 high resolution images and 30 hours of video imagery available to Incident Command in the event of an emergency response.

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For more information, please read a featured article appearing in Marine Technology Society Journal, in September 2014. Dr. John Harper and Kalen Morrow of Coastal & Ocean Resources, a MER company, authored the article titled "North Slope Coastal Imagery Initiative: A Cloud-Based Spill Response Tool."