Coastal and Ocean Resources

Environmental Risk Assessment

We partnered with highly experienced scientists to evaluate the risk of tsunami-generated landslides.

We partnered with International Tsunami Research to facilitate a combined geological, geophysical, geotechnical and numerical modelling investigation at a port site with several planned crude oil and liquid natural gas facilities. A historical review of tsunami events affecting the area was conducted, including earthquake source regions, tsunami characteristics, and records of damage. The review was based on catalogues of tsunamis in the northeastern Pacific and on the available literature, with a focus on more recent events for which there are quantitative records and eyewitness accounts. A statistical analysis of the maximum expected tsunami heights based on historical data was also done (i.e., probability distributions of tsunamis of particular amplitudes occurring in the area). Numerical computer simulations of tsunamis generated under different conditions of tide height, earthquake magnitude, and source location was conducted. This allowed for semi-quantitative estimates of the likely maximum tsunami amplitude for a 1 in 100 year tsunami event.

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