Coastal and Ocean Resources

Oil Spill Shoreline Assessments

We provide shoreline mapping, assessment, remediation, and cleanup consulting services for oil spills of any size, large or small.

We are a global rapid response service, providing best practices in Shoreline Cleanup Assessments Techniques (SCAT), and have decades of specialized experience in documenting the fate and effects of crude oils, bunker oils, tar sand oils and refined oil products like diesel fuel and Jet A. Our experience includes active engagement on the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon spills.

Most marine and aquatic oil spills eventually strand on shorelines, where they can affect land owners and the damage to wildlife and property can be significant. Documentation of the property before and after the spill is essential for accurate oil spill damage assessments, remediation measures, litigation support, and subsequent resource management efforts. We use accepted best practice standards and procedures for pre-spill shoreline characterization studies and shoreline cleanup and remediation decision making.