Coastal and Ocean Resources


Coastal & Ocean Resources is committed to providing the highest quality professional services and innovative solutions in the areas of marine and coastal geoscience and nearshore habitats anywhere in the world.

Our expertise in coastal and seabed habitat mapping is used to support a wide range of activities including environmental assessment, oil spill response, port development, and conservation planning.

Since the early 1990's, Coastal & Ocean Resources (CORI) has been one of the key developers of the ShoreZone coastal habitat mapping program. CORI has mapped all of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia with this system, and in Alaska, mapping has been completed for over 80% of the coast. All of the imagery (> 500,000 images) and corresponding habitat data are available on-line at Up-to-date habitat information, supported by high-resolution imagery provides a spatial framework for ecological assessments as well as response actions in the event of oil spills. For example, ShoreZone imagery was recently used during the Kulluk drill rig incident on Kodiak Island. 


CORI also provides oceanographic and ecological expertise in diverse near shore marine environments. We have developed a Seabed Imaging and Mapping System (SIMS) that has been deployed on over 100 projects to characterize shallow marine habitats. Our habitat mapping work (both the ShoreZone program and SIMS) frequently brings us into the port planning process where port expansion requires assessments of coastal or seabed habitat or port de-commissioning requires documentation of existing conditions. We have recently worked in port developments in the Arctic, Vancouver Harbour, Prince Rupert, southeast Alaska and the Fraser River estuary.